We Shot a Short Film Entirely on Insta360 ONE R

You’re probably sick of watching another Insta360 ONE R reviews by now. So, I decided to shoot a short film entirely on the Insta360 One R, in One Day, handheld, action camera style (no gimbal, no tripod, no drone). I think the end result speaks louder than any of the reviews out there. What do you think? I will also provide my technical LUTs for Insta360 One R 1-inch LEICA edition for free to download — so you can start to build your own cinematic looks with One R:

0:00 — Be Kind: a Short Film shot on One R
0:43 — Insta360 One R masking transition
0:50 — Dolly zoom transition
1:19 — Insta360 One R interview w/ original audio
1:29 — DOG!!!!
1:35 — Insta360 One R Over the Head Rotation Transition
1:56 — One R on a Hola Hoop Transition(TM) 😂
2:08 — Insta360 One R 1" LEICA extreme lighting showcase in Log Mode
3:31 — ANOTHER Insta360 One R review by my DOG!!!! 😇

➜ Get the magic camera now: http://bit.ly/2T11Xj4

Download the FREE technical LUTs used for this video HERE (only for 1-inch LEICA edition — other Mods are coming soon, check back later)

YouTuber at CreatorUp (https://www.youtube.com/creatorup)

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