QooCam 8K Enterprise Review — The Best Pro 360 Live Stream Camera for VR Filmmakers

Qoocam 8K Enterprise — for 8K 360FPS live stream

Today, we’re going to review the Qoocam 8K Enterprise. I’ll show you what the image quality is compared to the Qoocam 8K, the Insta360 Pro 2, and the brand new Teche 360Anywhere. We will focus on what this camera is designed to do — create better and easier professional 360VR Livestreams; in both 4K on YouTube VR and 8K 30FPS on a VR headset. I will show you why you should consider upgrading your Qoocam 8K to Enterprise. Let’s dive right in:

If you don’t have the patience to watch this full review video, let’s talk about who this camera is for. If you are a consumer that never do 360 Livestream, Google StreetView, or Professional level 8K 360 Video, then this camera is not for you. If you can not make money with this camera, then don’t bother. It is not cheap. It is almost triple the price of the regular Qoocam 8K, around $1600 US dollars.
If you are considering doing 360 Livestream regularly and you need reliability — then this is the most affordable 360 camera with one of the best 360 Livestream image quality.
It is also the only camera work great with YouTube VR out of the box and supports 8K 30FPS 360 Livestream.

Before we talk about the specs, let’s make an 8K 360 Video comparison among Qoocam 8K Enterprise, Teche 360Anywhere, and the Insta360 Pro 2. Talk is cheap, I would like to show you the result instead.

Qoocam 8K vs Teche 360 Anywhere vs Insta360 Pro 2

And here we have real-world footage with our model holding a color chart in Hollywood Hill under the SUN. From top to bottom we have Teche 360Anywhere, Qoocam 8K Enterprise and the Insta360 Pro 2. On the left, we have a 100% zoom circle so you can see our model’s face up close. All three cameras are in auto exposure and auto white balance. Just by the look of it, all three 8K camera looks the same. If I now put the price point of all three of these cameras — you see Qoocam 8K Enterprise is very impressive with such a low price in the professional camera category. Another noticeable advantage is the stitch line.

Stitching issue

When our model walking, both Pro 2 and 360Anywhere has notifiable problems — but not Qoocam 8K Enterprise. Because Enterprise only has two stitch lines, instead of 4 on Teche 360 Anywhere and 6 on Insta360 Pro 2. This means less money spent on post-production clean up.
How about distance object sharpness — which is very important for a professional level 360 camera. So the Hollywood Sign is in the frame but very far away. Let’s zoom in 300% and take a closer look. Before I tell you which camera is which, how about you pause the video right now and take a wild guess.

Okay, I assume you have your answer. So from left to right, we have Qoocam 8K Enterprise, Insta360 Pro 2, and Teche 360Anywhere. So the end result is pretty obvious. Teche 360Anywhere surprisingly great in sharpness — like by a lot. You can clearly read the HOLLYWOOD sign compared to Pro 2 or Qoocam. Pro 2 is slightly better in sharpness. But it is more compressed and higher noise than Qoocam 8K Enterprise. Also, Pro 2 lens is not that great — you clearly see flare spot right here, and it is in ALL THREE of Pro 2 lenses.

So if distance sharpness is what you care about, then Enterprise is not as good as Insta360 Pro 2 and not even close to 360Anywhere. The Teche 360Anywhere is a newer camera, and the review is coming next. It is an underrated camera you should care about. Even tho Qoocam 8K Enterprise has a larger sensor, using newer SONY sensor like the 360Anywhere, and more sensors like the Pro 2 will greatly impact your image sharpness. You do pay what you get here.

Okay, now let’s talk about the specs.


Live Mode: Cam streaming , phone streaming

Supporting Protocol: rtsp、rtmp、rtmps

Resolution: 8K: 7680*3840 4K: 3840*1920

Lens Adjustments: Real-time automatic/manual exposure and white balance adjustments: EV, Shutter, ISO, Color temperature

Live Preview: Camera real-time 360 preview

Live Bitrate:Max 150Mb/s

Code Format: H.264、H.265

Image Stitching: Real-time stitching

Image Stabilization: SuperSteady

Camera specifications

Lens: F2.0,FOV:200°

Image sensor size: 1/1.7 inch BSI-COMS 20MP

Video (360): 7680*3840@30fps, 8/10bit 3840*1920@120fps, 8/10bit

Photo (360): 7680*3840, 12bit DNG(RAW),DNG8(16bit output)

Video format: MP4

Audio format: PCM、AAC

Photo format: JPG、DNG

Video bit rate: Up to 200Mbps

Video code: H.264,H.265

IMU: 6-axis IMU

Screen: 2.4 inch colorful touch screen

Photo mode: Still image, Timed photos, DNG8, Time lapse photo

Video mode: Video, Slow motion, Sports mode

Live streaming: 8K/4K 360° Live

EV: -2EV ~ +2EV

Exposure: EV (auto): -2EV ~ +2EV

Manual Mode: Photo: 1/6400s-1s DNG8: 1/6400s-1s Video: 30fps:1/6400s-1/30s 120fps:1/6400s-1/120s ISO: 100–6400

Sports Mode: There are two choices to control the maximum shutter time: Mode 1, Mode 2. For 50Hz, Mode 1 is 1/50s, Mode 2 is 1/100s For 60Hz, Mode 1 is 1/60s, Mode 2 is 1/120s Sports EV:{ -2.0EV to +2.0 EV}

White Balance: AWB, Fluorescent, Incandescent, Cloudy, Daylight


Color: Black

Weight: Approx. 275g

External Dimensions: 179mm*57mm*33mm

Storage and Connection

WIFI: 2.4G/5G

External interface: USB Type-C,LAN

Storage: Internal 64GB EMMC

SD card: Support external TF Card (up to 256GB), U3 card is recommended

Mic: Build-in Mic


Line-in: 3.5mm


Capacity: 3000mAh.Approx. 90 minutes for 8K@30fps or 4K@120fps video recording. 360° Live:90 minutes.

Charging method: USB-PD Fast Charge with 3A or above is commended;

Usage temperature range: -20°C — 40°C

For Google StreetView users, the Enterprise does not have GPS built-in, unfortunately. So you will still need your phone to do Google Street view. It is not a Streetview friendly camera. If that is what you do, I will recommand Labpano Pilot One instead — which is designed around Google StreetView. Each camera has its strengths and weakness — the point of this video is to tell you all of it.

Specs mean nothing if you can not see the real image quality difference between these cameras — so here I am testing the Qoocam 8K Enterprise compared to Qoocam 8K and also use Insta360 One R as a reference on the far right — to show you AGAIN, why you need 8K for 360 immersive videos.

Qoocam 8K Enterprise vs Qoocam 8K vs Insta360 One R

Besides the nicer color rendering thanks to 10-bit on both the Qoocam 8K and Enterprise, we can see slightly dynamic range improvement in the Enterprise right here — in the shadow area. Let’s zoom in 300% on the focus chart. If you pay attention to the E right here, Qoocam 8K Enterprise can see 5 Es before getting too blurry, and the regular Qoocam 8K is about 4 Es. Insta360 One R is only able to display the first E before losing clarity completely.

Qoocam 8K Enterprise vs Qoocam 8K vs Insta360 One R

The focus chart is 6 feet away from the camera — at a standard distance. What about a faraway object? Here I walk to my other focus chart that is pretty far and also around the edge of the lens before getting in to stitch line. Let’s zoom in 400% — you can clearly see the Enterprise is better in distance sharpness. Again YouTube compression might stop you from seeing this. So please download the side by side comparison footage to see it yourself. The link is down in the description.

Okay, now we know Qoocam 8K Enterprise is slightly better than Qoocam 8K — but not big enough to justify the higher cost. To me, the real reason of getting the Enterprise is for 360 livestream. If you have not already watched my Qoocam 8K Enterprise Livestream, please check out this link in your VR headset. The impressive quality speaks of itself. You don’t need me to tell you how much better.
It is by far better than any camera I have tested, including Insta360 One X, Richo Theta, Yi 360, Labpano Pilot One, and even the Insta360 Pro 2 before the new beta updates — which I will tell you all about it after the NDA is lift. If you own Insta360 Pro 2, that is also a powerful professional Livestream camera — and it will get even better. More on that later.
Just pure image quality, Teche 360Anywhere is better in 4K Livestream. But Teche has its own problem besides being a lot more expensive. I will go over it in my Teche 360Anywhere official review.
So with a lower price point, Qoocam 8K Enterprise is the best and most easy to use 360 Livestream camera. Also, it is the only 360 camera that can do 8K 30fps directly streaming onto your 8K ready VR headset. Oh, it also has built-in noise reduction algorithm for live streaming — great for low light concert and event.

Beside its image quality, the even bigger selling point for me personally is the professional Livestream features that built inside the Kandao Live software. As you see right here, we have customized Nadir and zenith patches. I can use any logo or graphic I want — which is really great from getting sponsorship for your 360 live events. You can replace any logo during the live event so you can have different sponsors and selling the prime spot to the biggest bidder.
In the next version of the Kandao Live update, we will have Picture in Picture and live graphics package for lower third or scoreboard. This is essential for Concert and Sports Events — to do an ESPN like broadcast live in 360.

The Kandao Live software also allows you to choose different aspect ratio and resolution for live streaming. Why is aspect ratio so important in 360 livestream? Well, YouTube only supports 16:9 360 Livestream and Facebook support 2:1 and even 1:1 for 180 Livestream like in Oculus Venue. Qoocam 8K Enterprise is the ONLY camera that will work seamlessly on YouTube VR Livestream thanks to the 16:9 aspect ratio. Both Labpano Pilot One and the Teche 360Anywhere will have a black hole on top and bottom during live on YouTube VR. This detail is important, and only your boy, who has extensive experience, can tell you that. The last thing you want is your Livestream clients yelling at you for the black hole — that you don’t know how to fix and lost your credibility as a business. Don’t be that guy or gal, subscribe to this top channel of 360VR and learn to get better every week.

Qoocam 8K Enterprise support RTSP, RTMPS, RTMP, and SRT. So your live can be watched on computers, cellphones, TVs and VR headsets. It uses internal camera stitching, so you won’t need a cloud service to distribute your LIVE. The camera will turn on and start live streaming once it is plugged in, and instantly stop when it is powered off, convenient for live streaming in scenic resorts, factories, outdoor, and etc.

If you are a DJ or a musician that wants the best audio quality. Qoocam 8K or the Enterprise is the only 360 camera that has 3.5mm Mic Port for Professional Audio. We do not know if it supports 4 channel ambisonic during Livestream using a USB connection and Zoom H3VR — but Kandao told me they will try to support it so you can even do ambisonic audio livestream when Facebook or Oculus support it. They are working with Facebook to make that happen.

The official price of the Qoocam 8K Enterprise is 1699 USD. It is more than a thousand dollars compared to the regular Qoocam 8K. Is it expensive tho? Not really. If you compared it with other DSLRs like the Blackmagic Cinema pocket or other Professional 360 cameras like the Insta360 Pro 2 or the Teche 360Anywhere, it is very affordable.
If you are running a 360 Livestream business during the POST COVID era, it is very easy to make your money back. If you are interested in the 360 live streaming business side of things, and how you can build your VR business in the POST COVID era, comment below and let me know. I will love to help you out. In the next tutorial, I will teach you how to stream 8K 360 videos with an 8K ready VR headset like the Skyworth right here. And also how to run a private stream using a protocol like RTSP with the Enterprise. There are 2 other cameras that will come close to the Qoocam 8K Enterprise — the Labpano Pilot One and the Teche 360Anywhere. We will review those in the upcoming video as well.

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