Pico Neo 2 — NOT Your Average Review.

Pico Neo 2 vs Vive Focus vs Oculus Quest

Meet Pico Neo 2 Eye — a NEW 6DoF VR headset with 4K resolution, Tobii eye-tracking, enterprise functionality, extended range of motion, expanded battery performance & memory storage, and spatial stereo speakers. And it can play ANY SteamVR game wirelessly with 5G connection — including the brand new Half-Life Alyx, Boneworks and Beat Saber. How is the quality compared to Oculus Quest with Virtual Desktop and Vive Focus Plus? Learn how to setup wireless SteamVR streaming to achieve the best VR gaming experience! Can it track without light? We’ll answer these questions and more in this in-depth VR gamer-focus review and tutorial:


Resolution: 4K 3840*2160@75Hz PPI: 818​ 5.5 inch x 1 VR TFT /

FOV: 101°, Fresnel​ /

IPD: Software, Adaptive, 55mm~71mm /

Ergonomics: Front HMD and rear battery form a reasonable face pressure from
wearing. Rotatable headband to facilitate eyeglasses user wearing. Adjustable and adaptive top band for different head sizes​. The removable and washable microfiber cloth foam. /

Interactive: 3rd gen Inside-out 6DOF Head and Guardian System​ Dual 360° 6DOF haptic Controllers​ Eye Tracking ​ Voice command​ Buttons(Confirm/Back/Home/Volume up&down/Power)+ 3 color Led /

Sensors: IMU 9 axis Proximity sensor /

Audio: Integrated Spatial stereo speaker Dual Mic EC/NR, 3.5mm Jack​ /

Connections: USB-C 3.0 Extendable 3.5mm Power DC Jack /

Eye Tracking Specifications Gaze data output frequency (binocular): 90Hz; Calibration: 5-point calibration; Gaze angles: 25° left/right/down and 20° up; SDK engine compatibility: Unity, Unreal, and Tobii XR SDK

Quick Review of Neo 2 for VR Gamers

There are lots of great reviews for VR gamers already. So I am going to keep it short and only mentioned things that other reviewers did not cover.

To me, the biggest annoying thing about VR gaming is the cable. Pico Neo 2 uses the new Qualcomm 845 Snapdragon processor with Boundless XR — a new technology hopefully will be in every single XR headset from now on. This allows stable and high-quality wireless streaming PCVR games using your 5G network.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 with boundless XR

The second thing is the controllers. It uses electromagnetic tracking that is different from everything else in the market. As you see right here, I put my hand behind my back, and the tracking still good. Doing this kind of gun holding action usually lost track in other VR headset — but not on Neo 2. Some reviewers complain about the tracking accuracy. But Pico just had an update like 2 days ago that fix lots of the bugs. I don’t feel any latency after 2 hours of gameplay at night without light.

Pico Neo 2 electromagnetic tracking

And yes, this comes to the third point — tracking without light. There are some gamers just love to play games in the dark — it is more immersive when there is no outside light sneak into your VR headset. Well, Neo 2 still rely on in-side out tracking, so it will be really interesting to find out for real if playing in the dark work. So let’s test it out!

So as you see, you can absolutely play in darkness. Hand tracking does not change a bit. The only thing that is kinda strange is the safety boundary. When you are out of steamVR in the normal Pico menu, sometimes the lost boundary notification will show up, even you did not move at all. But it will not affect your gameplay when you are in SteamVR.

For those of you audio nerds, Pico Neo 2 supports blue tooth headphones. So you can use your AirPods or your fancy beats by Dre headphones. Oculus Quest now has Bluetooth headphone features as well, but it is hit or miss. And you know that already.

101 FPV with Tobii Eye-tracking

The last thing is that beautiful 4K screen with a 101° Fresnel lens, basically no screen-door effect. But you know that already.

So is this headset all good with no bad? Well, not exactly. If you are long time followers, you know I do unbiased reviews. One feature that everyone is talking about is how light and comfortable this headset is when you are wearing it. Look at the weight distribution of this headset — the battery is at the back. Okay, let me cut tho the marketing hype. After 2 hours of continuous gameplay, from a fully charged battery to completely kill the headset, I can tell you this headset is not as comfortable as Oculus Quest.
First, it is not lighter than Oculus Quest, like some reviewers mentioned. 360g is only the front part of the headset — but you can’t use it without the battery — so the total weight is 690g — a lot heavier than Oculus Quest. For long hours of gaming, I will personally pick the lighter version.

Another big thing no one mentions is this Plastic face pad right here. Yes it is soft and very comfortable for people like me with glasses. But it does not circulate heat as well as Oculus Quest. So here is what I look like after half an hour of intensive gameplay.
As you see, my glasses are all blurry and steamy. The Fresnel lenses are also blurry cover by my sweat, and also the surrounding Plastic face pad as you see right here.
The electromagnetic controller also gets warm at the base. My suggestion is to turn your AC on — as this is an exercise. It is not your normal sitting on a gaming chair — use your joint stick for turning — Valve Index VR experience. This can be a fully immersive, full-body immersion if you are playing it like me. So you will get sweat — like any full-body exercise.

To have the same immersive experience without any lagging — there are necessary gears you need. You will need a minimum one long CAT 6 ethernet cable, a standard MIMO 5G router, and of course, a VR-ready gaming PC, but you probably have that already if you are watching this video.
Most of the glitching problems during gameplay are caused by using the wrong ethernet cable. It is actually really hard to tell which is CAT 6 cable and which is a CAT 5 cable. For those of you who are not network engineer, you probably have only CAT 5 cable at home. Look at the side of your cable, it will say something like C5E — that is a CAT 5. If your cable too beat up and you can not read the side — look at the pins compared to CAT 6. CAT 5, all pins are at the same height and CAT 6 they are up and down, up and down.
So, just go on Amazon and order a long CAT 6 cable. It is good for your Twitch streaming and router anyway.
Talking about the router, here is what I use. This is a Linksys MU-MIMO GIGABIT WI-FI ROUTER. Don’t worry, you don’t need the exact same router as I do. But I will suggest going to pick up a new modern router with big antennas from Best Buy. You want a dedicated 5G Router only for steaming VR gameplay. Put your Spotify steaming, your girlfriend, or boyfriend Instagram starking on your other router. Having a dedicated router also allow you to be anywhere around your house and stay close to the signal — which is the most important thing for seamless gameplay.

Now go online to download the Pico Streaming Assistant software for your PC. Please note this minimum spec. Right now, AMD graphic card is not supported. Also, Intel Xeon series CPU and Titan series GPU are not going to work for now. But Pico is working on supporting those spec very soon as I am using a Titan series GPU.

Now install and open the streaming assistant. When you connect your Pico Neo 2 to the 5G network — everything will turn green as you see right here. Very straight forward. Go to the gear icon, you can set your streaming quality to High — which is what I use.
Now you can launch SteamVR, and everything will work.

Okay, if you own the Pico Neo 2, hopefully by now, you can have a smooth playing experience as I do right here. When you follow my steps exactly and get it to work, it is incredible. The 4K looks so sharp compared to Valve Index, Oculus Quest, and my Vive Focus here. And the control is smooth.
But, this is not a consumer VR gaming headset. Neo 2 is built for business. You actually can not buy it unless you are a business or developer. Okay well, not exactly. Pico Neo 2 is actually the most popular 6DoF gaming headset right now in China. It is like the Chinese Oculus Quest. So you can get it on Taobao, Alibaba, or any eCommerce site in China. It is not hard at all. I do have international audiences. So, if you are in Asian countries, pick up the Neo 2 or the Neo 2 eye is a no brainer. Neo 2 costs $699 — which is what I will recommend for VR gamers. This is a Neo 2 Eye with Tobii eye-tracking, which is great for business — especially for XR training. XR means AR plus VR and MR.
CreatorUp, as a VR training, VR education, and content production company, we do have lots of experience in making VR training videos for big companies. So I know what business needs exactly. I can tell you right now, businesses don’t want to be associated with Facebook and don’t want their customer data owned by Facebook.

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