Insta360 ONE X 360 Live Stream under 1000 Subscribers — and How!

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How to live stream 360 with Insta360 ONE X

So you can absolutely live stream 360 in 4K with ANY 360 camera including your Insta360 ONE X, Insta360 ONE R, Kandao Qoocam 8K and Labpano Pilot ONE / Era — here is the proof:

How on Insta360 ONE X:
1. Select live stream icon — pick RTMP instead of YouTube.
2. On your YouTube account (on a computer) select “Events” on the YouTube live platform, and create stream. Note: If you select “Stream Now” you won’t be able to stream in 360.
3. Go to streaming settings and enable “360° video”

4. Copy and paste the Server URL and Stream key to RTMP input box on your One X app. The format — Stream URL + “/” + Stream Key. For example rtmp://
5. Hit shutter button start stream in ONE X app. Then click “Go Live” to start streaming
6. Enjoy getting famous 😂 without going “viral”

Share this with those who are still struggling on live stream 360 on YouTube.

Need some background info on why the default YouTube button won’t work on Insta360 ONE X or Insta360 ONE R? Well, Insta360 uses YouTube API to pull data for you but YouTube API has a data limit and won’t let anyone to just pull data. This is the same when you use Labpano Pilot One: review right here:

If the app is using YouTube API, then you will need 1000 subs to show YouTube you are NOT A BOT. But if you already logged into YouTube with your own channel — then you won’t have this limit. Insta360 or Labpano are trying to make life easier for you but not “most of you”. So RTMP is how you should Livestream anyway with more control and more professional.

I hope this article answers some of your questions. The next tutorial will focus on the 8K Live Stream with Kandao Qoocam 8K. More review of Insta360 ONE R is also coming. If you are interested in getting the camera, click HERE.

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