I Prevail feat. Joyner Lucas — DOA Official 360° VR Music Video Behind The Scenes

Hugh Hou and Brian Burkheiser (Lead Singer of I Prevail)

‘DOA’ 360° Virtual Reality music video featuring Joyner Lucas from the latest I Prevail album ‘Trauma’ is now available on YouTube VR:

This is a unique collaboration between Grammy-nominated band, rapper, and music video director— I Prevail, Joyner Lucas, and Ben Proulx. The DOA Virtual Remix 360 VR video was created by Virtuality & CreatorUp.

This unique low light 360 VR video is filmed with the brand new Insta360 Titan — an 8K /11K 3D 360 VR camera. We chose this VR camera because of its 10-bit color depth and LOG color profile. It allowed us to capture the “black” level and the unique water reflection that is on the ground on both the original music video and the VR remix. We also used the brand new SGO Mistika 10 to stitch and finish the video. This allowed us to distribute the music video in different resolutions on different VR platforms — including YouTube VR, Oculus TV, Facebook 360, and more.

360° Virtual Reality music videos are the best way to show artists’ actual performance. Because of the recent pandemic, all concerts/shows are canceled. This severely impacts the music industry for both fans and artists. Now, music fans have a different way to experience LIVE performances in their homes using a VR headset like Oculus Quest, Valve Index or Pico Neo 2. It keeps the engagement between musicians and fans strong even without concerts and shows.

We believe 360 VR music videos will become more and more popular and more people will want to experience their favorite artists in Virtual Reality from the safety of their own homes.

If you want to learn how to produce VR music videos just like this from start to finish, we have a great 360VR and VR180 video production tutorial series right here. We cover directing & shooting, editing, stitching, publishing, and more:

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