Create 3D SBS or LIGHTFIELD Video from VR180 or 360 | LEIA Lume Pad Review & Tutorial

Someone told me 3D is coming back in 2021, especially in the post-pandemic world. Well, I hope that is true. But no matter what, having the skillset to convert VR180 immersive video that shot on this little EVO or this BIG GUY …
into regular 3D Side by Side video is essential for VR content creators or businesses. There are more outdated 3DTV out there than Oculus Quest 2. Sharing a VR headset is, really, a hygiene issue.
But is there anything better than a 3DTV? Can you see 3D without any glasses? As the YouTube channel that is constantly innovating and bringing you the latest tech, I want to introduce you to Lightfield display by LEIA
Don’t worry, I am not turning this video into a boring college class about Lightfield technology. This little tablet right here is capable of displaying 3D in the highest quality without the ugly 3D glasses. And that is all you need to know.

Hey, what’s up, everybody? It is your boi Hugh here from CreatorUp. It has been a while. I hope you have a nice holiday break.

Let’s do a quick review of the LEIA LUME PAD. This is the World’s First
3D Lightfield Tablet — just like the Red Hydrogen One Phone — but with a bigger and a nicer display. The same company design the display for the RED phone is the company that creates the LUME PAD. RED decided to ditch the RED phone project, and that is how I get my discount for the RED KOMODO. The project did not just go away. The community and the tech is moving on to LUME PAD — a bigger and better lightfield capturing and showcasing device.
If you follow my channel, you know I love 3D. From the gimmicky 3D photos on Facebook 3D to fully immersive 3D 360 VR Video. But as an artist, I always find it hard to showcase my 3D photos or videos to my friends or potential investors. And it is even harder in the post-pandemic world. It is hard to ask someone to take off their masks and wear your VR headset no matter how clean it looks. If you are watching this video, you probably like me, own the Insta360 EVO or the Z Cam K2 Pro and spent months to make your videos look absolutely amazing in 3D — and it turns out only your rich gamer friends who own a VR headset can really see your hardwork. Most of the people just pan around on their phone, and Mehhh…
That is kinda sad.

So I am on a mission to find an alternative way for creators to showcase their 3D arts. That is when I found LUME PAD.
The idea of LUME PAD is simple for creators — it is the only tablet that allows us to see what we are working on and showcase it to our friends in the same physical space. No matter if you are a CAT artist, an Unreal Engine artist working on ArchViz Virtual Tour, or a 3D Videographer like myself.
Unfortunately, I can not show it to you on my 2D video camera. This is something you need to see it with your own eyes to believe it.

Now, let’s learn how to convert ANY VR180 or VR360 video into 3D SBS video in Mistika VR or Mistika Boutique. Instead of write it out here, let me just show you step by step in a video tutorial:

The Mistika VR or Mistika Boutique can be downloaded in the video description.

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