12K & 8K 60FPS 3D VR180 Camera with 2X Full Frame Sensors — FM DUO

FM360 DUO VR180 Camera

🔴New professional VR180 camera for Oculus Quest 2! 12K 30FPS and 8K 60FPS with TWO full-frame sensors (36mm x 24mm), sLog/sLog2 + HDR, 65mm IPD with SSDs external storage, and VR180 Livestream ready! This is a whole lot of craziness! Let’s watch the camera trailer together, react together, and analyze every detail:




YouTuber at CreatorUp (https://www.youtube.com/creatorup)

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Hugh Hou

Hugh Hou

YouTuber at CreatorUp (https://www.youtube.com/creatorup)

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